Awesome Things You Can Learn From Music Store

Four times larger than the previous music store we had here at Sweet water and it’s backed by the largest on-site inventory of any music and pro audio store in the United States let’s take a closer look at a few of the many unique features of therebetween music store and then we’ll conclude with a video walk through of the entire music store to wrap up therebetween minute let’s begin in the electric guitar room here in the music store this.

Is actually one of four dedicated rooms for music instrument rental guitars we have one for acoustic guitar one for bass guitars the electric guitar room where I’m standing and we also have an isolation room where you can take a guitar in and-crank a nap up to hear what it sounds like under playing conditions now I’m surrounded by an incredible array of guitars and amps but you’re not limited to just what you see on the walls here we have another feature at therebetween music store that lets you search our incredible on-site inventory we have behind me guitar gallery stole’s take a look at how this works.

It’s very similar to how guitar gallery work son our website where you can select guitar by serial number check out the specs for it compared to other guitars and actually music store order that guitar by that specific serial number you can do the same thing here right in the music store so if we choose to say shop electrics we can look at finding a guitar shop by brand what’s new Hot Deals Exclusiveness let’s go to what’s new now we can sort these by most popular we can look at sorting.

By guitar name we cantors by the highest price we can sort bathe lowest price let’s go back here the most popular and we can also look at a closer thumbnail view or we see four instead of nine so let’s make our choice here we’ll look at this Phone Les Paul Standard we get a larger photo we have a number of other photos that wecan look at of the specific guitar again we’re looking at it by serial number.


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