Beware The Organic Fungicide Scam

Nice project Arie I will teach you to touch my brain shape highlight organic on the subscriber hi and welcome to project diaries today’s video is a request by quite a number of you and to answer a lot of questions that I keep getting-asked and that is which products do I recommend to treat my garden from fungus is etc and the real simple fact doesn’t recommend any it is so quick and easy to make cheap fungicides at home I wouldn’t really recommend buying any all these marketing companies just do is try to slap on a really good label and basically tell you I have a really cheap ingredients that you can do at home or they contain loads of chemicals which-hopefully you don’t want to put in your garden.


Anyway so I know I’ve already done some videos Organic Fungicide on fungicides and powdery white mildew and black spot on roses but today’s video is going to be a dedicated video on how to make your on fungicides and here’s how to do it before I make a fungicide itself I ‘m just going to show you a few images to show you what fungus actually does leaves this fungus is black spot it will most likely affect your rose brushes there is also downy mildew and powder-white milky you know if your leaves have these long stripes or orange dots this is leaf rust but don’t panic because my homemade fungicide will kill these and many more now first up you want to get yourself a bottle you can buy these two for a pound or a dollar failing.

That if you want to use an old detergent bottles please make sure it’s cleaned thoroughly and it’s made from a safe plastic then you’ll need some vegetable oil and some baking soda now some people would think the baking powder would be the UK equivalent but it’s actually bicarbonate of soda you’ll need around milliliters of water mainly because that’s how much this bottle holds so you can make this fungicide different strips it’s basically down to you to figure out-how severe you think the fungus is attacking your plant if it just has few spots or white patches on the leaves just use one if it seems to be covering the majority of leaves are used to but if it starts to cover the entire plant and definitely use teaspoons now when it comes to using.

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