Common Stereotypes When It Comes To Mexican Food

Are really awesome Love Mexican fast food that you can taste the grill toucan taste the grilling it’s got a nice char to it and you taste that and that’s what I really like so try some of the some of the beans and rice really good you can tell that that’s not something you get at a fast-food place that’s authentic that’s homemade that’s really good really good ferried beans homemade rice delicious now we’re gonna go at the monster we’re going to try some of this burrito try both sides for you so just go start the red really good red sauce is really goodie’s not overpowering good red sauce flavor you can taste the vegetables the sour cream soon as you get into the burrito you have the rice sour cream really good look.

At that right there you can taste all that all that good stuff in there you got your sour cream rice and meat all really good blends really good with that red sauce now we’re gonna try my favorite side the green side that’s really good I like green sauce because green sauce is usually a little more tangy that’s nice and tangy again not hot not real not too hot not too much it’s just spicy and tangy really good flavor though and getting it all the flavor with the beans and the rice and the chicken and everything really delicious I’m gonna put hurting on thatching’s.

what I thought of that burrito looks Mexican food really delicious we’re gonna back the prank prank how do people find you here oh yeah what’s your address here bothers , stomach for Avenue I’m in sweet tea one will get right next to seminar epicenter right – or miss out toa nine to five to six by zero nine zero and one of your hours Wow welcome for to on weekdays and then Friday on Saturday to Sundays pins yeah one more thing before we leave what is Laue to the end will send me now water behind stands for up the old work shirt okay yeah I’m doing this form wife your wife okay.

so if you want to make reservations you want to come become by and try this food get Frank call here it’s a family-run place really cool people we love it alright that was delicious I was a little hesitant on the shrimp at first but you don’t mean I’ll try anything and he changed my mind shrimp is good now if you’d like to see your business on eat big with Brian Perry send us an email at Modesto news org and we’ll come try your food.


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