Quick and Easy Fix For Your Quicksilver Scientific Colorado Hemp Oil

Colorado Hemp Oil

In reality this medicine should be produced in a controlled environment using distilling equipment et Cie to reclaim the solvent and to purify the oil most people do not understand distilling and do not have access to the required equipment.

This is the reason such a simple method is described in the documentary so if need be just about anyone can produce the oil as in the video again we stress that.

This process if not done properly can be dangerous and we bear no responsibility if this educational information is misused this is my process to start I generally work with a pound or more of the great hemp.

Starting material you can use just one ounce announced will usually produce three or four grams of oil the amount of oil produced per ounce of hemp will vary from strain to strain but it all has that wonderful healing power one place.

The completely dry starting material in a plastic bucket to dampen the material with a soul that you were using many solvents can be used I like to use pure naphtha but it costs five hundred dollars for a gallon run you can use isopropyl alcohol which you can find in your local lug stores alcohol absorbs more chlorophyll from the plant material.

than naphtha does this gives oils made with alcohol a darker color but does not diminish the potency of the oil to any noticeable degree either naphtha or butane and many other solvents can produce oils that are amber and transparent glad to these clear oils do look better but dark oil can be just as potent if the process is done properly little or no solvent residues left in the oil I have been consuming oils produced using different solvents for eight years with no harmful effects you.

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